Dreaming Ourselves Big

About ten years ago the National Institute of Health issued a press release aimed at senior citizens.  It had been prompted by a study which found that if seniors would imagine taking their medications, they would be more likely to remember to take it.  Even as memory failed, by drawing a picture in their mind of the thing they had to do, they embedded that thought into their neural network so well that they would remember to do it.

So you thought imagination was just stuff and fluff?  Most of it is, stuff and fluff.  Yet, nothing was created that couldn’t be used for good – hence imagination, too, must have its place in getting us to reach higher spiritual heights.

Imagination – we can daydream ourselves big.  Actually visualize what we will do great this coming year.  Paint mind dioramas of the wonderful Mitzvos you will involve yourself in.

No, the thought is not all – it ought to be translated into action for action is the goal.  Yet, the study done in 2004 tells us something important – if you dream it, you might remember to do it.  Or as the great Chassidic masters taught, “Tracht Gut, s’vet Zeyn Gut” [Think good and it will be good].

May we all dream big for our new year.




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