Pigeons and Sparrows — And Attitude Problems

Of Pigeons and Sparrows and Attitudes

A pigeon looked in at me today

His unblinking eye caught mine

“I am on this sill to stay,

As I like this spot just fine.”

He settled himself right down

Preened his feathers with pride

“I’m the one who owns this town

Don’t try shoving a pigeon aside.”

I glared and waved and he replied, “Coo, coo.

Which led me to scare him off with a hearty SHOO!

A sparrow alit upon my windowsill

Shyly pecked at the glass, ever so polite

I made sure to feed him his fill

Finding his presence a welcome sight

He warbled for me, eliciting my “you’re too cute”

I planned right then and there

To buy some seeds, and some suet

For this friendly dear.

Struts and attitudes are just plain rude.

While a friendly peck does not intrude.


About jewishspectacles

Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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