Shadowed by G-d, Hashem Tzeelcha

King David says “Hashem Tzeelcha” G-d is your shadow.

A shadow is true to the object from which it is cast.  If an elm tree is swaying in the wind, its shadow will waver and sway at the same pace.  When a ramrod-straight guard stands outside of Buckingham Palace, his shadow cannot wave its arms above in glee.  The shadow, too, stays ramrod straight.

In our relationship with G-d, G-d lets us set the tone often.  That is what King David is telling us, “Hashem Tzeelcha”.

My father, a Holocaust survivor, would always tell us, “Folks ask where was G-d during the Holocaust.  But G-d was exactly where they wished Him to be.  Before disaster, often we push away G-d, not wanting to have constant surveillance of our actions.  We want G-d to be quite distant, ignoring our wrongdoings.  And so G-d says, fine, that’s what you want, I’ll be far, distant and ignore you.  G-d, during the Holocaust, was exactly where the folks before the Holocaust wanted Him.”

Many times I’m the same, wanting my wrongs to be ignored.  So I didn’t do that ritual, so I only davened shorthand, omitting most words, too rushed to really talk to G-d.  I set up a relationship.  Then complain when G-d shadows me, ignoring me (never as much!) as I ignore Him.

King David tells us it could be different.  If we only realized that G-d allows us to set those parameters, that G-d will shadow us, we might realize we want to do the actions of coming close to Him.  For He then will come closer to us.

Hashem Tzeelcha — G-d is my shadow.


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