Tzay – Go Out of Your Comfort Zone – Ulemad –and Learn

This week Ashkenazim read the Shir Hashirim.  Within the Shir Hashirim there is an interesting dialogue between G-d and the Jews in the analogy of a husband and wife.  The husband comes to the wife and finds she has locked Him out.  The Husband, standing outside pleads for entry.  The wife’s reply is one of creature comfort, “I’ve washed my feet, put my feet up, how can I get out of bed and open the door for You.”

Spiritually becoming connected and close to the Creator of all is hard work.  Oft enough, we are so comfortable in our habits, in our latitude to ourselves, that we just don’t want to bother.

In the Haggadah we read, Tzay U’lemad, which means “go out and learn”.  Why the go out?  Because in order to learn, you MUST go out of your comfort zone.  There is no easy pass for knowledge and spirituality.

Imagine being born in a cave, dark and smelly, dank and moldy.  You sit there, thinking that it is all that there is in life, an existence in the bowels of the earth.  You learn to make life comfortable for yourself, when you hear an urging to venture to the mouth of the cave.  “Ugh, why would I do that, venture into the unknown, rise up from my all fours that I’ve gotten used to ambulating about on? I’m comfortable here in this familiar place.”  Ah, my friend, but the dazzle of sun and the vibrancy of growth, the smell of fresh air, the possibilities of endless horizons are there beckoning to you, if you just go out of your comfort zone.

This Pesach, Tzay, go beyond your limits and your comfort zone.  U’lemad – and learn how great and vast the world is, how beautifully shimmering it is with hidden nuances, see the hidden dimensions and hear the trills of spirituality. The possibilities that will unfold are too many to be told.


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