No Ego in Betzalel or Moshe

Chosen to execute the detailed plans of the Tabernacle vessels was a man named Betzalel.  The reason he was chosen is alluded to in his name.  Betzalel can be read “b’tzel kel” in the shadow of G-d.  A shadow is true to the actions of the person casting the shadow.  Your shadow cannot break-dance, if you are waltzing.  It does exactly as you are doing.  A truly devout righteous person tries to be a “shadow” of G-d, letting all actions be a reflection of G-dliness.

Most artisans like putting their own artistic flare and personality in their works.  They want to be noticed for their talent.  Betzalel wanted to stay true to G-d’s vision.  Exactly to the minutest details he stayed true to the plans.  Not even one extra flower, etching or engraving did he put into his work.  Content to let G-d’s plan shine forth, even if that might mean his own name got lost.  It was about G-d, not about his fame.

Moshe was the same way.  He wanted for others and for G-d’s glory.  He put himself last. In this week’s Parsha, when G-d said the Jews might be wiped out, Moshe argued that if that would be so, he wanted to be erased along with them.  He didn’t want glory that was not glorifying G-d and His nation.  Even if that would make himself disappear.

Moshe, we are told, was able to see the clearest vision of G-d, more so than any other prophet.  All others who had prophecy saw it through a coated glass.  Moshe saw G-d’s revelations through a clear glass, so to speak.  What does that mean?  Think of a mirror.  To the extent of coating it has, that is the extent of the see-throughness or the image-reflecting it will boast.  The more coating, the more you will not see through it, but see yourself reflected in it.  The less of a coating, the more you are able to see what is on the other side.  Moshe was the sole prophet who had so little ego coating his soul that he was able to see clear, clear as if peering through your freshly-polished panes of window-glass, to G-d’s presence and glory.

May we all scratch off the coatings of our souls to let our vision of G-d and spirituality be more transparently clear.


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