Timna Teaches Us That Passion Lasts

Even from evildoers you can learn to do good.  And therein might be the lesson of Timna.  She was noble, beautiful, a woman able to make a good match.  Yet, Timna became twisted with hatred.  Timna wanted to marry one of Yaakov’s children, but was refused as a potential mate for them.  Not content to move on to find her true match, Timna settled to be a mistress to Eisav’s son as her first step in her revenge.  As soon as she was with child, she began focusing all attention on getting her child to hate Yaakov and his descendants.  She gave birth with hatred, nursed with hatred and reared her child to hate.  She did a spectacular job — for her child was Amalek, arch-enemy to the Jews in every generation, out to wipe us out again and again.  Timna teaches us the power of a passionate mother.

If that is the power of the passion for hatred, could you imagine what the next generation would be like if we gave birth to it, nursed it and reared it with a passion for love?!

Mothers of the world, the future of the world is in your hands as a mother.  If you raise your children to be honest, moral, G-dly beings, if you raise them to love and share, you can be sure the world would become ideal.  Put your passion there.


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