If Boaz Only Knew How Much It Mattered His Giving…

Verse 14:  And Boaz said to her at mealtime, come close and eat from the bread and dip your bread into vinegar and she sat aside from the reapers and he gave her some parched/roasted grain and she ate and was full and had leftovers from her meal. [Megillas Rus]


There is a fascinating Midrash[1] about choosing to do things wholeheartedly.  Many of you readers have probably learned it; but it is worth relearning.  The Midrash is as follows:

 If Reuvain would have known it would be recorded (in the Torah) that he saved Yosef, he would have taken Yosef on his shoulders and carried him home to his father.

If Aharon would have known it would be recorded that he was happy when Moshe was chosen to be the leader, he would have gone out to meet Moshe with a band playing.

If Boaz would have known it would be recorded he gave Ruth some toasted barley, he would have run to prepare a lavish feast with roasted meat.

 The Midrash explains that had each of these Biblical greats known their actions were so important, they would have put in even more effort to make the act more praiseworthy.  It is often taught to us, this Midrash, to tell us we should always give more than 100% when doing good so we should never regret the additional coup de grace we could have done.  In other words, we should always choose to do good things to the max.

 The one thing I was never taught was the ending of this Midrash, until I read Rabbi Zev Leff’s Sefer[2].  And because the ending of this Midrash blew me away and turned my view of my life upside down, I am sharing it with you and, hopefully, turning your life upside down for the good, too.  The ending of the Midrash is as follows:

 Even today (yes, my friend, even in our challenged generation), Eliyahu Hanavi and Moshiach are writing down some of our deeds and Hashem will seal it to be included in future Sifrei Kodesh[3]. 

 Isn’t that incredibleYour life can be written in some future Sefer.  There is a Megillas Rus, a Megillas Esther, and if you live life to the max for the good, who knows…there might even be a Megillas You (whatever your precious name might be.)  History is not gone.  It is happening now.  If you choose to meet the challenges of today, you will be the historical hero of tomorrow.  So choose well, my friend, and let Eliyahu write you into the chronicles of righteousness. 

 If Boaz would have only known that the Torah would record he gave Ruth this bit of barley, he would have run out and slaughtered a calf and roasted it and given her succulent steak.  If we only knew how precious what we do, even the small things, are to Hashem – and that it might be recorded in future scrolls to be unveiled in the times of Moshiach, how much more effort and heart and soul would we put into our deeds!

[1] Vayikra Rabba

[2] Outlooks & Insights

[3] Sanctified Books


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2 Responses to If Boaz Only Knew How Much It Mattered His Giving…

  1. Wow, what an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing.

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