Focus of Kohain Outlined with Consecration

Chapter 29

In the ritual of inaugurating the Kohain for their task, there were different parts of their body that were anointed and they were:

X marks the spot – there was an anointing done with oil, two drops were put between the eyebrows and then the anointer made an X with his finger in the oil.  Tefillin is also there – that is the place of the Neshama – the “seat of our soul”.

Other parts of the body “sanctified” during the inaugural process and what it represents:

Middle cartilage of the ear –  control the incoming sound

The Thumb of the right hand – the opposable thumb – creativity

And the Big toe of their right foot  – balance

Basically, the Kohain was being enlisted in the service of G-d, his soul, his creativity, his sense of right and wrong and what he allows into his life.

It would be a great “Kedusha” check, a quick rundown of ‘how we doin’ spiritually’ to go through all these aspects of our lives and ask ourselves, in our creativity, in what we allow into our thoughts and minds and in our balance in life, are we consecrated to G-d?


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