Feed the Birds Today

Many years ago, when G-d granted our nation its freedom

We had within our midst two troubled souls, Dussun and Aveerum

And although we were led with open signs, and saw a splitting sea

Our nation still struggled day to day with our exile insecurity

Each step was made easier for us, a carpet of clouds at our feet

And above our heads, a canopy of clouds shielded us from the heat

Up in front, right ahead, a pillar of cloud and fire lit the way

G-d’s presence for us at that time should’ve been clear as day.

But uncertainty is the tool of the Evil Inclination

He makes us scared and unsure causing observance falteration

Doubts, questioning, and thinking “it really ain’t just so”

And always that heretical thought, “is this really the way to go?”

Everyone has inside of us that gnawing doubt that is counterfoil

To the part of us, that splendid soul, that to G-d would like to be loyal

No different were our ancestors, though G-d’s love was openly shown

With Manna raining from the Heaven and water gushing from a stone

And still they found time to fret, and still they challenged their Creator

And within the midst of all those doubts were usually Dussun and Aveerum instigators

Well the first week the Manna fell, the Jews were told in no uncertain terms

To collect only that which they’d need or their leftover would go to worms

Wouldn’t you believe, there were those who tested it, stashed some extra away

And were taught once and for all, G-d wanted them to live day-to-day

Next they were told that Shabbos would come and no Manna would fall for them

But that on Friday they could gather double portions the concept of Mishne Lechem

Yup, ‘tis hard to believe, that with such munificence there were still traitors

And, yup, again, you might guess it was Dussun and Avreerum agitators

They knew without a doubt that what G-d said would be would be

But wanted everyone else to doubt the veracity of Moshe’s prophecy

And so they plotted, and so they schemed, and hatched upon a plan

To lay out extra Manna on Saturday morning right upon the sand

Many are the thoughts of man, and many calculations can be made

But if G-d doesn’t will it, then ‘tis disaster, even to plans best-laid

And though they toiled in placing out the Manna to dispute G-d’s words

Dassan and Aveerum were ultimately foiled by cheerful, feathered birds

Who swooped in, en masse, and gobbled up the Manna, every last crumb

Leaving exposed as liars those two losers named Dassan and Aveerum.

G-d rules the world, uses nature as His tool, and is always in Control

Handing out to various forces their allotted roles

And so the birds, though they munched, were merely G-dly sent

Yet, we put into place a healthy gratitude sentiment

To thank the birds for their role in outwitting Dassan and Aveerum

We put out today for the birds some belly-filling bread crumbs

And if you and I are thanking the supporting cast for what they did back then

How much more should we focus on thanking ultimately Hashem!

Who is Master Conductor, kind beyond measure and always true to His Word

And in whose capable Hands all is used, even a flighty bird.


Just a note about Halacha — if you are putting out food for the birds, you must put it out early enough that they can eat it before Shabbos commences, because it is forbidden to feed wild animals on Shabbos.


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