Intellectual Dishonesty sometimes in off-the-derech quest

Judy Brown discovers Carl Sagan and uses it as her ticket out of observance. 

 There are many of our young folks heading off the old path forged by our illustrious ancestors.  To justify themselves, each have their own excuse of why they are no longer bound by Torah law.  I find most refreshing those who are honest and say they want to do wrong.  Most boring are those who, as done in many epochs of history of the Jewish people, hide behind their supposed awakening to reason.  You know, the ones who in the past went running to Hellinism, the ones who in the past became the vanguard of  Communism, the ones who followed lock-stock-and-barrel any foreign philosophy so long as they didn’t have to keep Mitzvos.  In our day and age, we have those folks, too.

 Judy Brown in her piece for a rag called The Forward takes this route of this hauteur of “I am so intelligent now” because I read one author on science and found a way to move away from my childhood religion and make it seem it is about brains and not about base desires. 

 Yet, who is she kidding?  Now she is the science expert, having read one view.  I suppose she is now more intelligent and sophisticated than Rabbi Dr. Dale Gottlieb or Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz or Professor Herman Branover?!  Did she read their polemics?  Did she explore the science of Brian Greene?  Did she do honest research or jump at the opportunity to find a way to leave all observant practice behind by switching belief from G-d to Carl Sagan?  In fact, Carl Sagan is long dead.  Down with Carl Sagan, up with a new view.  Personally, I like this quote: 

Joseph Gurman, an astrophysicist at the Lab for Astronomy & Solar Physics

at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, says this: 

“If the Sun didn’t have a magnetic field,

it would be as boring as many astronomers believe it is”.

If Judy Brown were really honest, she would acknowledge Carl Sagan espoused the view there can be no atheism, for he said G-d CANNOT be disproved.  The forces set up in the world have rules and design, that much he agreed upon.  He just thought G-d could not be a Creator who cared about the details of day-to-day life of the sparrow.  Yet, Carl Sagan never went about scientifically to try to see if he can discover a way to prove such a G-d.  In fact, he was too busy working on seeing if he could establish communication with aliens! to be worried about his connection with G-d.

 So, another person opts out of our nation by claiming to be enlightened.  Yet, her narrow views of one scientist only, her lackluster quest for truth, proves a person who has emotional issues with her past and is just looking for something which to claim as a reason to leave the fold.  She did no honest search.  She discovered nothing new.  Another star lost to our nation, burnt out by her own intellectual dishonesty.


And for those who do want to acquaint themselves with some brilliant minds, go to and click in to hear Dr. Gottlieb or Dr. Tatz.


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