Dear Deer — Focused on G-d Beyond Compare (Perek Shira)

Continuing on in Perek Shira (Song of the Universe).  The deer sings out the verse from Psalms [59:17] “V’ani Ashir Oozecha V’aranayn Baboker Chasdecha, Kee Hu’yeesah Misgav Lee Oomanohs Ba’yom Tzar Lee – and I will sing of Your strength and be glad in mornings of your kindness, because You were a bastion for me and a refuge on the day of distress for me.”

 The world, say some physicists, is made of multiple vibrating strings

And we Jews know its true, for we know each force in nature sings

And each song uttered in this world by the animals as they live

Has profound meaning for us all, a message of purpose they give

The deer’s life is one crammed full with heavenly aim

And the deer’s song likewise tells us to focus on the same

Their hides are used for Torah scrolls, their flesh providing meat

Veins used to sew the scrolls and tie parchment up real neat

Each vein, each fiber, each muscle honed to taut perfection

And then used for myriad Mitzvos, section by section

Noticeably prominent on its forehead, showing through tight skin

Protrude three distinct bones forming the letter Shin

Just as Tefillin and Mezuzos on their outside hint at the depth inside

The Shin on the deer forehead announces “all for G-d” with pride

The deer’s message is: each one of us must sing paeans to G-d’s powers

They bray, they whinny, they bleat, “of G-d’s kindness in morning” hours

And when from open fields and wooded forests the sounds of the deer you hear

“I will sing of Your strength,” is their message distinct and clear.

The deer acknowledges G-d helps when from danger they need to flee

I too must sing and praise G-d who also protects insignificant me

So, my friends, can’t we learn from the deer to harness every talent, every skill

And, like the deer, put to use our very selves in doing the Almighty’s will?

Recognize without a doubt that in His service we find the safest space

Under His sheltering love, that’s our mission and our secure place.


And if you want to hear the call of the wild, you can actually listen to sounds of a deer here:



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