Why Design Feelings and Emotions? (an argument against evolution)

[Repeat of article done a while back.]

I have always found it surprising how the theory of evolution became such a wide-spread belief.  Believing in G-d and that He created the world takes a lot less faith and, yes, imagination, than believing things evolved in a way that would ensure their survival.  If you observe the world, noting the intricacies of people and animals, the theory of evolution becomes totally impossible to believe.

Let us, by stretching our imagination a bit too far, say that, as per the learned Darwin, each animal designed itself according to its needs and as a means of survival.  The skunk installed an intricate piping and spraying mechanism into its body…then devised a foul-smelling spray to put through this system.  The bird studied wind conditions and mathematics, and in a burst of aeronautical wizardry, fashioned itself into a truly amazing flying machine.  The mosquito, deciding size does not determine who will survive, remained a rather small creature, as opposed to the elephant, who thought being huge would ensure survival.

 I wouldn’t have the nerve to suggest imagining a cell sitting down, sketching various cell groupings, then splitting up intentionally, and painstakingly putting cell with cell, until presto, it became an animal.    (I just keep envisioning one of the new cells splitting off from the old cell being a rebellious offshoot and saying, “Who said I have to stick with you and your set of cells?”)  But, supposing our mind can conjure up the image of animals drafting plans for their bodies and then implementing structural changes; a major question still remains.  Living things do not need emotions and feelings to survive.  Why then did animals put them into their systems?  Wouldn’t it make more sense and be less painful to fashion oneself into a robotlike creature who feels naught?

 Why would a mother bird want to feel the pain only a mother feels when a fledgling falls out of the nest?  Are those despairing, keening cheeps necessary for survival?  If she were sensible, she would look down at the fallen bird, say, “Ah, too bad.  I’ll just have to make sure to lay an extra egg this year to ensure that our species don’t become endangered,” then turn back to her nest and the rest of her brood.

Whey would the dog want to feel pleasure in running and playing with me?  Rolling in the grass, catching balls, chasing sticks – it all seems like such a waste of time.  Come on, you doggies, don’t you know there is no future for those who while away their years playing?  Get serious, dear mongrel, and think of the future, instead of getting lost in today.

The workaholic ant had enough brains to devise its body.  I’m sure that brilliant brain realizes that the ant cannot eat as much food as it collects.  But for some inexplicable reason, the ant made itself enjoy toiling away unnecessarily.

Our family had a pet goat who believed in favoritism.  She loved my cousin and loathed me.  Why would a stupid, dumb (okay, I’m a bit biased) goat need to love or hate?  (And why, oh why, did she have to kick?)

I’m sure that if I could have designed myself, I would have left out my capacity to feel rejected, the feelings of sadness and the ability to pity.  And I thank G-d I didn’t design myself, for then I would never know the pride of accomplishment, the power of thought and the beauty of love.


For those who want to study this (and other subjects) with more sophistication, go to www.simpletoremember.com


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