Zarzir Sings — a greyhound’s speed

We haven’t done Perek Shira in a while, so I thought it was time to post, especially as this animal has a connection to this week’s Torah portion.

 Zarzir, an animal that is Zariz, fleet-footed with alacrity.  The song they sing is from Psalms [33:1] ‘Let the righteous sing joyfully in G-d, for upright people it is beautiful the praise.’

Intent on gaining ground, the greyhound runs real fast

So quickly he is but a blur of movement going past

Thin stilt legs moving like pistons puts him in the lead

Showing us how to do things with super extra speed

You and I observing wonder what the lesson might be

Its to always race toward the good surely and swiftly

Righteous people intent on promoting the right thing

Are always up and about, toward Mitzvos heading

Good folks are the first to know to sing to G-d with glee

Which makes them the ones especially praiseworthy.

So I hear the question, nu, how does that tie into our Parsha.  Well, in the Parsha we see an opposite example.  The Nesi’im, the princes of the tribes, donated not all that much to the construction materials for the Tabernacle.  Since they were uber-wealthy we have to understand why they didn’t give more.  They made a wrong calculation, colored by pride.  They thought they would allow the rest of the nation to donate what pitiful amounts they could…and that there would be a HUGE shortfall.  With such scenario, they thought they’d step in and, as heroes, make up the difference.  However, they underestimated their fellow Jew and as the Jewish donations piled up, the shortfall didn’t quite happen…and these welathy leaders lost out on donating much.  That is why their title is shortchanged in the Torah this week.  Usually Nesi’im is spelled with a Yud, but in this week’s Torah portion that Yud that signifies the inner spirituality of the Jew is left out of the spelling.  You see, the Nesi’im flubbed up on this.  A Jew must always spring into action right away when it comes to doing good deeds.  That is the message we learn from the Zarzir.  And that is the message of the diminishing of the Nesi’im this week.


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