Unorthodox is Unhonest

I hate having to address it, but someone needs to say it.  When the memoir A Million Little Pieces hit the bestseller list, it looked amazing.  Yet, one honest sibling spoke up, and the frenzy thereafter showed up the million lies that went into A Million Little Pieces.  At this point of time, the book is sold with a little disclaimer by the author fudging around how trauma made him think things happened the way he imagined it.

This week a new memoir showed up on the scene entitled Unorthodox.  Written by a former Chassid, it is purportedly showing the dark side of Chassidim and one woman’s “escape” from it. 

Ah, doesn’t the world always want to believe the lies about Chassidic lives, no?  Yet, the closer you get to the author’s life and the people she portrays the more you know her lies.  Her ex husband is worldly, polite and sweet.  She took her exit scene from marriage in a staged, planned out act.  She had been in college while still married and Chassidic.  Thinks she knows better than the whole world because she thinks enrollment in a college makes one know more than anyone else.  And all she is doing is repeating her mom’s life.  Her mother did the same as she is doing.  Nothing new.

The author also thinks the world loves her writing.  They love her bashing of Chassidim.  Proof  – the book she sold and got published was just about that.  It is not as if she went to college and wrote the next John Grisham novel that showed literary talent. 

Enjoy your lobsters and crabs, my dear.  Your lies are known to those close to you.  And the world will soon tire of you and forget you.  Unless you publish more smut about the Jewish world — ah, then you will the literary darling again.

Yawn — how boring.  Josephus did the same in the times of the Romans.  Is that who you want to be in history?




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One Response to Unorthodox is Unhonest

  1. Neil Harris says:

    You pretty much said it all.
    In truth, people will forget about this. Had the Forward not jump at an opportunity to get an interview, it would have just been another book on the shelf.
    The crab cakes in the interview was just the icing on the once-kosher cake.

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