After polluting my mind with garbage…

I try to stand in prayer

                        heart with You

mind encompassing


visions of forbidden flick on and off

like Gentile holiday lights on

 December nights

Scenes from movies, more vivid,

            reel-life flashes

staticate – interfere – fuzz

            my prayers.

How can I expect to touch

            lofty heights

 with lowly polluted mind?


As men put on their Tallis in the morning, they recite a beautiful prayer (one of the few songs I know how to play on keyboard).  The words are:  “Teenatzel Nafshee V’roochee V’nishmasee Oo’Tefeelasee Min HaCheetzonim” which translates into that we hope the wrapping of us in the Tallis will “save my life, my spirit, my soul and my prayer from the outside forces.”  We women might not have that all-encompassing Tallis to pull tight around us, enveloping us in its warm cocoon.  Yet, we are the ones who are set with the task of setting our homes as one big Tallis, homes where everyone is wrapped up in spirituality, where there is no entry point for external, negative experiences (which is why the woman gives the guy the gift of the Tallis during her engagement).  So go ahead, wrap yourself into a Tallis-like life, warm and sheltered, able to pray.


and here is the musical link to the song:


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