Lion and Perek Shira

[continuing on in Perek Shira (Song of the Universe), we hear the lion’s roar, and what he says is:  “Hashem K’Geebor Yaytzay, K’eesh Milchamos…]

Lions never crouch in fear

Wandering around without a care

King of the jungle, watch out for his bite!

Lions roar far and near

Trying to get us to be aware

Of the King of the world’s punishing might

So, my friend, this I share

The lion’s call that says beware

Not to get on the wrong side of right

For G-d’s enemies will get a scare

Unable to hide anywhere

When the King of the world goes out to fight!


About jewishspectacles

Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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