Perek Shira and the Mouse’s Song

 Mouses Know They’re Louses

(okay, okay, sigh, I’ll do this grammatically correctly: 

Mice Know They’re Not Nice)

 Eek, screech, I saw a mouse, screamed the woman waving her broom,

Shoo, shoo, I’ll whack him about until he leaves this room

A mouse in my house, well that’s something I just won’t allow

Where’s the cat to catch that mouse, get me a mouse trap now

I’ll put a slab of yummy cheese on a trap in front of a fast spring

To stop that mouse from damaging through nibbling and munching

The mouse sniffed gently at the cheese, and showed the woman his tail

I know how to get around and about so all your traps will fail

Before scurrying off to the hole in the wall, the mouse stopped to say

I know it’s because I’m destructive that you do not want me to stay

So I’m off, with a last squeak admitting I deserve your broom’s whop

But sorry, even that whack won’t make my annoying nibbling stop.

When mice get hit, they don’t blame others, they honestly do their ‘fess ups

Shouldn’t you and I, when in pain, realize it’s because of our own mess ups?

So my friends, when we get our whacks, do we know why it was given

Isn’t it because of the destructive ways that most of us are livin’?

[The mice says:  And You are righteous on everything that befalls me, for You do truth and I’ve been wicked”]

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