Ant Sings (Perek Shira)

(continuing on in Perek Shira, we go to the ant, who sings out a verse from Mishlei [Proverbs 6:6]:  “Go to the ant, indolent ones, see its path and wise up”)

When tasks in life seems insurmountable and work overwhelming

Remember to observe the ant to figure out how to get cracking

All together as a team the ants work the work and fight the fight

Crumb by crumb, task by task, joining others to do things right.

And when blockages appear on the path they were meant to crawl

Their determination gives them strength even beyond their weight to haul

Ants know time wasn’t given to sit on a couch and daydream

They also know full well work is best done with a team

Indolent Ones, observe the ant, and learn to mend your ways

Hashem doesn’t grant the gift of life to sit about and laze.


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Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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