Going Viral

I was talking it over with a friend of mine, she of the weblogs and webinars.  Her advisor was telling her she had to make her posts go viral.  And I got to thinking, we have a bigger job, my friends.  We need to go viral with Yedias Hashem, spreading G-d awareness.

 After all, that was what the first Jew, Avraham did, spread G-d awareness throughout the world.  He became a household name, more famous than the Kardashians of our times.  Everyone in his generation knew Avraham.  Not for his attention-getting exploits, but as the person who did good for others and followed G-d.  Who was fearless in risking life and limb to adhere to morality.

 The steps to going viral on the internet, it seemed, was to grab a hold of folks’ attention.  Put forth works people want to view or read.  How, my friends, do we grab folks’ attention to something bigger than an article or a youtube clip — to get them to notice their own lives and their own significance in G-d’s glorious world?  Youtube clips are short.  Hollywood attention span quite short too.  Now folks like Queen Esther, ah, that is a universal rememberance, because she, just like Avraham was about promoting G-d’s agenda.  Moshe:  acknowledged by all religions and known to even atheists.  Seems that promoting G-d gives people a universal attraction too.

What are you doing today to make the awareness of G-d go viral?


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4 Responses to Going Viral

  1. jasonswartz says:

    I send my message through my blog and if it helps even one person along their way toward the revelation of the Creator then I I am happy. I send it out there and the Creator can do what He wants with it =) Even if what I write may be flawed with my own need for correction, I know that if my intention while writingit is towards pleasing the Creator then the writing will carry that LIGHT.

    • I see the sincerity in your search for G-d. Yet, it is with a pang of dismay that I see your votes of liking on my blog for I firmly subscribe to the concept of Ayn Od Milvado – that there is only ONE G-d. That is it. Nothing else, no-one else. The concept of infinity, no end, no beginning, no boundaries that split into two or three. Once you split a oneness into more, there is no longer that oneness. I also have a strong adherence to the concept of a universal truth, that our view of spirituality might be wide-ranging and curious-seeking on our part, but that when we come to the answer it has to be something that comes down already “vetted”, which I will try to write about tomorrow in my post.

  2. jasonswartz says:

    When I connect with other people I connect only with their common yearning and desire for the Creator. I see that in the world their are many paths that speak of the One. I see many differences however I connect with the yearning and desire behind it, as if this collective yearning builds one true prayer of the many, and from that a common Kli.

    My clicks that say like, is an attempt to encourage everyone with this expression of that very yearning and desire for the Creator. It is not to applaud myself or others, because I know there is only one true artist, builder and Creator. Yet I still Like what people write if I see the intention towards the Creator in it. Dismay if you will my friend however my clicks where only an attempt at connecting with a common love for HIM.

    As Baal HaSulam wrote in the Shamati a beautiful article called of that very ONE ” There IS None Else Besides Him” I understand there is only HIM. In my own writings I

    • Yet, at a certain point, you have to be clear of the end result — that yearning for G-d is a universal feeling within us that gets addressed differently by different people. Yet, truth is only one. We can fill that yearning with a desire for fame, or we can fill it by praying to the four winds, but at the end of the day, the purpose of man is to acknowledge and heed an Infinite G-d. The commonality you say is shared, is the yearning. The answer has to only be ONE!

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