Scootering to Kne’es – Rendezvous With Creator

[It was way too early to be up, way before the sun, but I couldn’t sleep.  Since pacing my apartment was not high on my list of things to do, I made myself a coffee and headed out to the absolute stillness of outdoors.  And then I saw it…}

In the cool hush before dawn

A figure comes coasting

One foot pedaling the ground

Scootering to Bais Medrash

A man, not young anymore,

The grey shows

Age has crept up and enveloped

His body’s frame

Yet, in the early morning

He is young again

A child in his enthusiasm.

The quiet streets are his

As he joyfully,



scoots his way through Flatbush

Years of age reversed

as he speeds along

to rendezvous

with His Creator.

[King David said “Samachtee B’Omrim Lee Bais Hashem Naylach” ‘I was thrilled when they told me let us go to the House of Hashem.’  As my eyes followed that man on the scooter, I heard the echo of King David’s joy here in my neighborhood.  The alarcity.  The enthusiasm.  That “bren”.  A soul alive and young.]



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One Response to Scootering to Kne’es – Rendezvous With Creator

  1. Shaindy Lunger says:

    I was awaiting your special Goldy-style writing. You did not disappoint me. This most heartwarming sight never ceases to bring joy to my heart, when I’m “zrizusdig” enough to exchange the mighty comforts of my comforter (it does have that name for a reason) for my walking shoes. You know what, it’s a great motivator and incentive. As soon as I complete “morning duty”, waking a couple of preteens and teenagers, a handful of boys literally and figuratively speaking, may Hashem bless them, instead of crawling back under my covers, I’d like to venture to the great outdoors. I want to experience the exhilarating spiritual high of watching Jews as they rush to bond with the Creator as it says: (I think it’s a Mishnah) “Anu Rutzim Veheim Rutzim, Anu Rotzim Umekablim Schar, Veheim Rotzim Leveir Shachas.” (Hopefully, I’m quoting it right.) Thanks for providing me with desperately needed inspiration to begin walking again. Tizku Lemitzvahs. Shaindy

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