Perek Shira — Cats and the Pursuit of Enemies

[continuing in Perek Shira — as a recap, the differents forces and creations of nature sing praises and songs and teach us spiritual lessons.  The cat, in addition to saying meow, purr, and grrr, sings (from Psalms 18:38):  “Erdof Oyviey V’aseegaym… I chased my enemies and got them and don’t return until I finish them off.”]

A cat will wait for birds or mice wandering along

Then pounce!  Attack! with nails cruel strong

Sharp claws dig in with a vicious pull

Meow-meow!  when belly is full.

Now while you and I won’t chase our food like that

We must pounce on enemies just like a cat

To escape we must not let them.

Shred them, behead them, dead them.

Evil can’t be allowed to survive

For evil doesn’t allow good to thrive

And so, my friends, sharpen your claws

And make defeating evil your lifelong cause.


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