Science will yet bend its knee to bow…

I love when I see echoes of truth in science, when laws of physics point out age-old Kabbalah truths, when science points its finger to G-d.  I loved when they figured out the four strands of our makeup, for we always knew we were made with four letters of G-d’s name and with four forces.  I’m fascinated with string theory and how they propose ten dimensions that seem to mirror ten Sefirot. 

 But at the end of the day, if all my science data collapses and is proven wrong and new science is diametrically opposed to what I believe in, I’m sticking with faith.  Science will come round again to sanity and have to acknowledge G-d.  Science will have to bend its knee and bow.

 You see, man’s Tikkun is to suspend reason to return to Eden.  Adam’s mess up was to reason beyond G-d’s commandment, to try to be “smarter” than G-d.  My job then is to hold on to the awareness of G-d through expulsions, through persecutions, and even through enlightenment, and obey no matter what.



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