Tu B’Av – What Kinda Match D’ya Want? Get a Building Partner!

Today is a matchmaking day, when singles, in days of old, were encouraged to go mingle with other singles and try to find a match.  There are various events going on and many singles heading there.  The question is what they are looking for – a night of flirting followed by nothing substantial?  Eye candy?  The best looking?  The richest? 

 There are different draws.  Yet, what draws two people to each other will be the basis of their home.  Physical attraction, as in the Aishes Yefas To’ar, builds a home where physicality reigns supreme and children born therein are slated to be quite shallow and selfish.

 I stumbled upon a Youtube clip of two brothers singing with pure voices and intentions some Jewish songs.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmBGNOiWrGk   I thought of a quote of the rabbis, “happy is she who bore you” as I watched them sing in the clip.  It seems their parents had set up a home where Jewish prayer had meaning, rich meaning for these kids.  The purity of their voice, well that there was no denying.  Yet, some could argue that there was no way of possibly knowing the parents’ home setup by what I was watching.

 Until I met up with a teen who told me that these boys father was her teacher.  She started telling me of some of his lessons, including his Shalom Bayis pointers.  And I knew I was right.  Only a marriage that was built on a joined mission of creating Glory to G-d could produce such kids.  Only a place where two spouses had deep respect and love for each other would have such sensitive souls. Only a home where everyone is valued could have children who think they can help others value things too,

 So single Chevra, go forth and find your matches.  But do yourself a favor, find a partner to build with, not someone to use.


One of the brothers, Yisroel Amar, sings also a tribute to Leiby Kletzky of blessed memory  which is amazing:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iErSeF8QmNU 



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