Riots – Jew Feeding the Masses Got it Right!

 Many are trying to paint the picture that Jews out on the streets during the riots were instigators and participants in the shameful rioting that has swept over England. Yet, the clips show otherwise.  It shows a man giving out bread, handing it out without question.  You don’t find a Jew in any of the clips taking something, looting.  You see them giving. 

 The riots are sad to see.  It is the end result of a time where G-d was banished from education and morals, where big business and the almighty dollar ruled, and where integrity, along with many people’s lives, got trampled in the rush for fame, fortune and self-indulgence.

 The folks that the police managed to arrest are youth, the youngest hauled into court a mere eleven.  And you wonder, where is his mother and father, where is a family structure.  Not anywhere to be found, for that is one of the curses of our “modern” age, non-existent family havens where children can feel sheltered.  Fragmented, divorced, single Moms, dysfunctional parents, that is the rage.  TV shows that promote teen pregnancies and random couplings.  Games like Grand Theft Auto that promote violence.  And fat cats who skim off the middle class and poor folk and care only about their mansions rather than of a greater society.

 Police chiefs and politicians are making grand statements about accountability and vowing to bring justice.  One in his hauteur called the rioters “sick”. 

 Yes, clearly they are sick.  No one can dispute that.  When humans are capable of running like wild hyenas, crazed with violence, there is something sick.  But so is it sick much of what is happening in our time.  What do you think will happen to our inner city youth if our economy goes any flatter and they get any hungrier?  It won’t be pretty, I can assure you, because we have never given them hope, beliefs and morals.  We haven’t raised them with intact families and religion.

 Perhaps, the Jew in that clip got it right.  Here is some food.  Nurture and feed.  Give value to human lives and needs.  That might make them value themselves and those around them. 

 If only the adults grew up and took care of our youth properly, what a different generation we would raise.

At the end of the day, those in the know who were there at that Challah distribution at Tottenham say the Challah was given to the camera crews and rescue workers and not to the rioters.  I say, feed all the masses.  Feed and nurture.  Shlach Lachmecha Al Pnay HaMayim, says King Solomon, “throw your bread upon the surface of the waters, for in time it will return to you.”


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