Change of Identity – Its Possible

Some time ago, I ended up coming down the subway stairs in an undignified manner, ankle first, butt not far behind.  There I sat in agony until FDNY scooped me up and hustled me to the local emergency room.  I ended up with a torn tendon and bruised bone.

 When telling someone of what had happened, someone who had known me way back when in my heydays, I got the reaction of a “tsk, tsk”.  She then continued, “Oy, in your four inch heels?!”

 “No, why would you think…;” but even as I began that sentence I realized why she thought I’d come to my injury through high heels.  You see, I was known not to wear anything lower than four inch heels from about sixth grade straight through to a few years ago.  I even climbed Massada in pumps as I did not own one solitary pair of flats.  It was either high heels or barefoot for me.  So I knew why she thought I’d been wearing high heels.

 Now don’t think me completely nuts then for having wondered why she had asked that question.  You see in the decade or so that this person didn’t know me, I’d relented in my insecurities, and now felt safe enough in regular flats.  My high heel fixation was long gone, and I almost didn’t remember how big of a deal it had been to me.

 Who I was had changed subtly without my even realizing it.  Change is possible – and sometimes we don’t even notice the improvements, forgetting who we were to begin with.

Some teens that I’ve mentored, years later when we swapped stories of when they first came into my life, were stunned remembering their dark days.  It was a disconnect from who they had become.  “That is so weird,” said one, “I forgot that whole time that I was floating on the street.”

 Changes, when we affect them in our lives, weave their way into our personality, creating a new us.  It is all a matter of putting into practice new habits and actions to recreate ourselves.



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