Two Halachos A Day – When Easy Things Seem Too Easy We Complicate Life

Halachos are the laws of Judaism.  Halacha comes from the root word Halach – to go.  Halacha teaches how to go about our lives and affairs according to the dictates and guidance of the Torah.  We are guaranteed that anyone who studies two Halachos every day is a “Ben Olam Habah” a person who will merit the World to Come. 

Man is a funny creature.  We don’t even realize when we are being hoodwinked by our lax, evil inclinations.  Therefore, when learning that a mere two Halachos a day can give us such benefits, we often decide to set up such schedule for ourselves.  But what often happens is that we then do more than two per day.  C’mon 2!   I can handle 6!  That then tapers off.   Or we skip one day, just because we “forgot”.  It takes less than five minutes to do this “2 Halachos per day” routine.  It doesn’t have to be any order to the Halachos.  They can be any random laws.  It should be easy.  Yet, easy or not, we often don’t go for the gold for various reasons.  And one of the reasons is that it is so easy, we don’t take the time to do this easy thing for ourselves.



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