Continuing w/ Hebrew Lessons — Cholom Nekuda

CHOLOM NEKUDAH – וֹ (or just a floating dot on top without the line underneath)

Cholom –dreamers from dreams will usually wake up with an OH!

And when seeing reality, they’ll moan, “please say it ain’t so!

And if you still are determined to speak like a Chassidic boy

Use the Choylom to give extra kvetch when saying oy yoy yoy

Now quick review to make sure you remember the past

Because no language is learned quick and fast

Review and review yet again is a key to retain

Any past learning gain.

So here we go, my friend…

Mute Alef א

Welcome Home Bays בּ

Giving Gimmel ג

Dependent Daled ד

Now if you take those letters, and give each one our new Oh

You will get




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