Two New Letters.

[We haven’t done Hebrew letters for a while, so today, I’ll introduce two new ones]


To act, Gemol, and perform Gemilas Chassadim, a good deed

Gimmel, with her foot stepped forward, is ready to take the lead

Gimmel will giggle as she grooves on her high heel with glee

Foot pointed forward, ready to go do good errands gladly

Get some Gelt and give a gift and grow in the art of giving

Gimmel leads the words that show philanthropic living.


And who was Gimmel giving to, you might ask of me

Well it is the Daled, despondent of taking the dole from charity

He keeps his back to Gimmel, on one precarious leg he’s situated

But keeps his face toward Hashem, his soul in prayer is habituated

Because G-d always listens to the prayer of the very poor

Which is why right near Hay, the letter Daled stays secure

 [Okay, some review of the nekudos: Kumutz is Uh and Patach is Ah

So with two gimmels and those two vowels, I’d say Guh-gah

Now pair it with the Daled twice and you would say Duh-dah]


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