Headed to Freedom Through a Seder

So I accomplished these past two days.  I had a Seder, got my priorities in order and stuck to a schedule that was set by those greater to me.  And I discovered aspects of freedom.

 Ayn Lecha Ben Chorin Elah Mee She’Osayk BaTorah.  There is no free man other than the man who involves himself in Torah.  Being free truly means to be able to free ourselves of our inner demands and inner demons.  To be able to rise above our petty nature.  To be able to say I can when it comes to surmounting human constraints.

 A neighbor of mine had a bloody running battle all Pesach long.  The marriage deteriorated into a non-stop screaming match and litany of abuse heaped on each other.  I went to synagogue and the rabbi spoke of being able to become so big as to be able to be so small.  He urged “bettter a foolish peace than a smart fight.”  Yes, when you fight, you try to prove how right you are.  Rather, appear like the foolish wrong one and have a peaceful environment.  I came home to the non-stop feud coming from my neighbors’ home.  It could have been a loving environment, one of peace and harmony, if only one would have risen above the shackles of righteous indignation to a higher place.

 I blew it a little, getting into a spat or two.  Yet, I knew the goal.  To be free of my own pride.  To be free of my own anger.  To get to a place that transcends all my physical constraints.

 Two days down.  A few more left to go.  And the goal this year is to find myself free of human limitations to soar to great spiritual heights.  To live a life of Seder, of order, set by G-d that lets me truly be free.


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