Hospitals Can Kill

A quote from Father Abraham:  ACH AYN YIRAS ELOKIM B’MAKOM HAZEH [there is no fear of G-d in this place]

At a certain point in Avraham’s journey, he misleads the population of one neighborhood.  He lies about his relationship with his wife, as he suspects the residents there will kill him just to make Sara an available widow.  When caught out in his lie, he is confronted by the king of that country, “did you think I would murder!?”  And Avraham’s reply is kinda off-beat, he says, “I told myself, but there isn’t any fear of G-d in this place.” Obliquely, he was saying, “Yah, I thought you capable of murder, for you don’t fear G-d.  And with no fear of G-d, anything goes, so long as you are not caught.”

Integrity.  What is it?  And where have we lost it?

When there is no absolute morality, where man can logic his way to what he thinks is right, right and wrong become very blurred and often swayed by human interests. 

Last night, ABC did a segment on hospital errors.  Seems that one out of three patients admitted to a hospital will be hurt by the hospital.  That is not even discussing the whole conversation (which we will have in this blog someday, because it needs to be talked about) about the push for killing elderly patients which is happening in many hospitals.  We are talking about plain, old sloppy carelessness, and the subsequent cover-up of such errors.

Doctors, like so many others among us, have their own interests at heart and really can’t care less anymore about integrity.  It is about not being sued, not about getting it right.  How many of them have lost sleep over their errors?  How many of them have approached their work as under the supervision of a just G-d?

Integrity.  You want it – you must find the absolute in morality.  And yes, that is G-d based.  All else is just self-interest swayed. 

 [As an aside:  We talk about reforming the healthcare system, we talk about covering people with insurance and cutting costs.  Yet, no one talks about cutting the costs of sloppy medicine properly.  No one talks about creating tech gadgets that would put tight controls on hospital procedures.  Imagine a system where the computer has the records of the patients working interactively with the medication administration and would beep mistakes or lock down certain prescriptions.  You know the “fatal error” code sometimes gotten in computer operations?  Why not something that would do the same in hospitals?  Another weird question – why is there a lemon law that applies for appliances and cars, but there is no such lemon law for medical care?]



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