Introduction to Alef

 [Hebrew Language – it becomes more fascinating the more you study it.  Osyos mean letters, but it also means signs, for there are deep meanings in each letter.  Nekudot are the vowels, but Nekudot also mean points, main ideas.  Even the taggim, the crowns written in the Torah scroll have myriads of meanings to them.  But enough of the enticement to learn the language up close.  Here is a quick intro to the first Ohs/letter and the first Nekuda/vowel. ]

א א א א א

Alef is a silent man, letting others do the talking

Standing solidly on two feet, with truth he’s always walking

Which is why Alef is the first letter of the word Emes, meaning true

And unless a vowel combines to speak with him, the Alef will be mute

Within this one letter, Alef, all letters are fully replete

Because Alef encompases all – Echad – a unity quite complete

Now to give him voice I must introduce you to the symbols that go down below

Called Nekudot, they’re the vowels that give Hebrew language musical flow


There is the Kumutz, used when you want to say Duh, Huh, and such

Stingy, it requires your mouth to do actually not very much

Just a slight drop of the jaw and a noncommittal tone in the back

It gives a hum, quite hum-drum, but vocal power it lacks

( To be quite honest, some Eastern-European Jews pronounced  Kumutzes as oohs

Because the kumutz instead of short U, the long they think it construes

But for the purposes of teaching you reading, and unless you’re a Chassid from Willie

Teaching you Koomootz instead of Kumutz seemed to be very silly.)

Here is the practice of Alef with Kumutz for your practice set

Hopefully in so short of a time, its a combination you won’t forget

 אָ  אָ  אָ  אָ  אָ  אָ

UH –


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