Keep Yaw Hands to Yawself

Keep Yaw Hands to Yawself:  A Guide to Interacting with the Ultra-Orthodox Girl.

 A quick take on the laws of hands-off between man and unrelated woman and the laws of Tzniyus mirror private property concepts. Private Property doesn’t mean no one uses the property.  It means it is off-limits to those who aren’t invited in.  A woman’s body is her own, to be off-limits to public trespass.    So, hands off, buddy.    

Some great reading material on the subject:

My all time favorite — The Antidote:  Human Sexuality in a Torah Perspective by Rabbi Shrage Silverstein

Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore by Rabbi Manis Friedman

The Magic Touch by Gila Manolson (Gila Manolson can be heard on audio at  a site I highly recommend for the thinking Jew to find inspiration and amazing lectures.)


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